Friends of the Sierra Nevada Field Campus is an independent non-profit organization created to support the Sierra Nevada Field Campus, a program of San Francisco State University’s College of Science & Engineering.

Support the Friends fund to remodel the lab and classroom


Please join us!!!

Missed the previous Friends of SNFC Zoom meetings from the last 2 summers?  Watch them HERE!

What are FRIENDS for?

Long sustained on a modest budget by dedicated staff and volunteers, the Sierra Nevada Field Campus needs our help. Friends of the S N F C — an all- volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization — was created in 2017 to raise funds to upgrade SNFC facilities, boost student attendance, and coordinate volunteer efforts. Can you join us? We are already reaping the rewards! Because of the support of Friends, the dining hall bathrooms have been renovated, heat was installed in the dining room, the SNFC registration process was streamlined and opened early resulting in a spike in enrollments.  In Summer 2019,  a beautiful new roof was installed on the staff cabin along with many more desperately needed sometimes invisible repairs.

The Board of Friends is a working board.  We have partnered with the University to fundraise, advise and provide support for some administrative functions of SNFC.  Our website is a tool for donating.  We update you with “news” in our year end appeal for donations, or when you are on site for classes.

Yes! Please count me in as a FRIEND of the Sierra Nevada Field Campus!

Your contribution will immediately help us continue to upgrade facilities, work towards installation of a wider bridge and abutments, and support the grand vision of a new classroom, lab & dormitory building. We welcome donations of any amount.

Please give generously! All donations will be gratefully acknowledged in writing.

$5,000 Evening Grosbeak

$1,000 Bald Eagle

$500 Red-tailed Hawk

$250 Osprey

$100 Swainson’s Thrush

$50 American Dipper (basic annual membership)

$ Other (please specify amount):

Our Newly Updated mailing address, if you want to send a check is:

Friends of the Sierra Nevada Field Campus
c/o Jim Steele, Treasurer1159 Manzanita DrivePacifica, CA 94044


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We are deeply grateful for every Donor…Founders are marked with *

*Alden & Deborah Meckler

Alex Skokos

*Alexandra Smolyanskaya & Dan Brown

*Allison & Brian Spreadborough

Amy & Scott Adair

Amy Blackstone

Anastasia Pickens

*Andie Thrams

Andrew Mascarenhas

*Andrew Wilson

Angela Dallas

*Angie C. Wulfow

*Angie Nakano

*Ann Buell

*Ari Gilmore

*Arvid Ekenberg

*Barbara McCoard

*Barbara Rosen

Benevity Community Impact Fund

Bettina Armstrong

*Bharati Mandapati

Bill Cone

Blair McLaughlin

Blodwen Tarter

*Bob & Marjorie Scofield

*Bob Battagin

Bob Branstrom

*Bonnie Daley

Brita Larsson

Carol Thompson

*Carolynn & Robert Zuparko

*Carrie Sherriff

*Chris & Jenn Kennedy family

*Chris & Shirlee Wemmer

*Christine Engel

*Christine Freeman & Michael Pressman

*Christopher D. Quock

Claire Elliot

*Clarence E. Heller Charitable Foundation  Donor Advised Fund

*Cricket Halsey

Dave Shuford

*David Droppers

*David Weckler

Dee Warenycia

*Dennis, Sherrie & Jordan Besson

*Diane & Bill Wilson

*Diane Cornwall & Randall Harris

*Dimitri Keriotis

*Dina Cheyette

Dolly Chapman ~ Z Sharp Crosscut Saws

Douglas Kent/Elliot Family

*Doris Kretschmer

*Dr. Andrew Methven

Edith Morrow

*Edward F Connor

Edward Wishnow (Honoring Martin  Sirk)

*Elizabeth Chur

Elizabeth Mathieson

*Elwood & Della Brooks

*Emily Tetri

*Eric Watterud

*Fred & Barbara Stevens

Gail Arteseros

*Glenn Umont

*Greg & Wendy Antipa

*Gus & Joy Norton

*Heath Massey

*Heidi Howell

*Hilary Winslow

*Holly Harris & Gary Gellin

*Hubert & Chula Morel-Seytoux

*Inga Poslitur & Nikolay Uglov

Jack Ehmer

*James “Eddie” Bartley & Noreen Weeden

*Jane & Lawrence Baack

*Janet Creech & Richard Howse

Janet Rossi

*Janet Stephens

Jeanne Wilson

Jeannie Trizzino

Jennifer Hogan

*Jerry Davis

Jessica Beckham

Jessica Miller

*Jill Slocum

*Jim Steele

Joan Hoffmann

*Joan Intrator

*Joan Jernegan

John Mahoney

John Sedlander

*John & Mary Ellen Smee

John A. Stevens

*Judith Feins

Julia Krebs & Roger Hux

*Junko K Kenmotsu

*Karen Anderson

*Karen Feng

Kate Merriman

*Kathi Jacobs

*Kathleen Huntington

Kathy Sprague

*Katie O’Hara Kelly

Kelley Manley

*Ken Schneider

Kevin Wiseman

Kim Carey ~ Coffee Tree Express

*Kim Haines-Eitzen

*Kimberly S. Kendall

Kristin Meuser

Laura Gooch

Laura Sebastianelli

*Laurie Craise

Leanne Dare

Linda Allen

*Lindsay Casablanca

*Lizette Guzman-Zaragoza

LouAnn Hoffmann

*Lucinda Ford & Myron London

Lucy Blake

*Luz & Scott Quinnell

Lynn & Bruce Hori

*Lynda Cole

*Mac & Mary McCormick

*Majorie Gibbs

Marcia McGetrick-West

Marcia Pugsley

Marilyn & Bill Bauriedel

*Marilyn Perry

*Marilyn Smulyan

*Marjorie Siegel

*Mark Rudo & Martha Shibata

*Marsha Feinland

*Martin Manley & Linda Smith

*Martin Sirk

*Marty Mosman

*Mary Bates Abbott

Mary Ann Keily

*Mary Bernstein

*Mary Tehaney

Maureen Lahiff

*Melanie Weiss

*Melannie Lutz

Meredith Moran

*Michael & Brenda Helm

*Michael Bondello

*Mike Vasey

Milton Demaray

*Nancy & Mark Aspery Bruce

*Nancy Crawford

*Nancy Frye

Nancy Harnach

*Nanette & Richard Oswald

*Naomi Robinson

Network for Good

Nicholas Abgrall & Kip Williams

*Nina Allen

*Pamela Coville

*Pat Stadille

*Patricia George

*Patricia Nguyen

*Patrick Woodworth

*Paul Opler & Evi Buckner

*Peitsa Hirvonen

*Peter & Althea Geis

*Peter Van der Naillen

*Philip Chapnick & Linda Bea Miller

*Philip P. & Marg Carpenter

*Polly Boissevain & Leslie Townsend

*Portia & Nicholas Pirnia

*Ralph & Andrea Pujolar

Randolph Little

*Randy & Deanna Harwood

*Rebecca Simon

Rhoda Haberman

*Richard Kay

*Richard MacGill

Robert Bethel

*Robert A. Lewis

*Robert W Patterson

Robert Stahmer, Jr.

Robin Geiman

Robin Wythe

*Robyn Martin & Arlo Acton

*Rochelle Wheeler

Roland Shaw

Rona Gifford

Ross & Lucia Barrow

*Russell Charif

*Sabrina Hearst

*Sandra Schultz

Sara Woo

*Sarah Rabkin

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*Sherri Lloyd & John Amen

Sherry Keith

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Steve Matson

Steven Nightingale

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*Steven Stolper

*Sue Addleman

*Susan & Terry Peterson

*Susan Benson & Susan Fleming

*Susan Shea

*Susan Wilson

Sylvia Hawley

*Thomas Hunt, Sardine Lake Resort

*Tom Whelan

Veronica Wunderlich

Wendy Nelson

*Wil Hershberger

William Shepherd

*Winslow & Sidonie Christian